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Coaching Teachers:

Selected Memo Summaries

Instructional coaches have been added to the roster in many schools, but they don’t always improve teaching and learning. This selection of Marshall Memo summaries defines effective coaching, considers the merits of a directive versus non-directive approach, describes the use of peer observation and lesson videos, and explores the part principals can and should play. 

Questions to consider:
  • How can we foster productive reflection and professional growth in teachers?
  • What makes for an effective coaching conversation?
  • Can a principal be an instructional coach as well as the formal evaluator?

Here's the table of contents:

Coaching Teachers

The Elements of Successful Coaching

  1. Why athletes, doctors, and teachers need coaches
  2. Getting the most from instructional coaches
  3. Building teacher trust in coaching relationships

Different Approaches to Coaching

  1. Coaching key skills in a teacher's first ninety days on the job
  2. Exercising restraint as a coach
  3. Preparing to coach a resistant teacher
  4. Coaching with an eye to student learning

Peer Observation and Video

  1. The value of peer observations, done right
  2. Video as a coaching tool

Principals as Coaches

  1. Good cop, bad cop: can principals be coaches and evaluators?
  2. Can principals be instructional coaches?

Professional Learning Suggestions