How to energize leadership, teaching, and learning in 22 key areas

Expert Teaching:

Selected Memo Summaries

This selection of Marshall Memo summaries focuses on how teachers can most effectively orchestrate learning in each lesson. Experts weigh in on the questions teachers should ask themselves every day, ways to engage students, and feedback that’s most conducive to student learning. (To explore other aspects of pedagogy, see the website sections on unit and lesson planning, classroom management, differentiation, assessment, and grading.) 

Questions to consider:
  • Is teaching an art or a science?
  • Are the skills of good teaching teachable?
  • How can lessons be structured so students are doing more of the work?

Here's the table of contents:

Expert Teaching

Words of Wisdom for Teachers

  1. The art and science of good teaching
  2. Hidden assumptions that undermine teaching
  3. The curse of knowledge
  4. Six pointers for rookie teachers

Keys to Engaging Students

  1. Getting every student thinking and working
  2. You/We/I teaching
  3. Say/See/Do teaching
  4. A Japanese method of "teaching while walking around"

Effective Feedback

  1. Making feedback to students effective
  2. The elements of effective teaching
  3. Getting students to do the heavy lifting
  4. Teaching blind people to use canes and what it can teach others

Professional Learning Suggestions