How to energize leadership, teaching, and learning in 22 key areas

Interviews and Hiring:

Selected Memo Summaries

Every classroom vacancy is an opportunity to improve teaching, teamwork, adult culture, and student learning for years to come. That’s why the interviewing and hiring process is one of the most important parts of school leadership. This selection of Marshall Memo summaries focuses on finding the right candidates, being strategic about the hiring process, and using effective interview questions. 

Questions to consider:
  • Is it possible to spot an effective teacher up front?
  • Which interview questions produce the most useful answers?
  • Which parts of the hiring process are problematic, and how can they be mitigated?

Here's the table of contents:

Interviews and Hiring

Spotting the Right Candidates

  1. Billy Beane's advice applied to teacher hiring
  2. Fixed and growth mindsets in teacher candidates
  3. "Grit" as a crucial variable in teachers' longevity and impact
  4. The selection criteria of the Gallup teacher-selection tool

Hiring Strategy

  1. Ten-minute screening interviews
  2. Three suggested tasks for teacher candidates
  3. Getting the whole truth in a reference call

Interview Questions

  1. Should applicants be asked for their philosophy of education?
  2. Experience-based interview questions
  3. Interview questions to assess curriculum planning and data savvy
  4. Watching for and developing emotional intelligence in teachers

Professional Learning Suggestions