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Making Learning Stick:

Selected Memo Summaries

A constant source of frustration for teachers is students not remembering what’s been taught. This selection of Marshall Memo summaries describes brain science on memory, the surprising efficacy of retrieving information, the best ways to study, and whether it’s worth memorizing anything when we have vast stores of information at our fingertips. 

Questions to consider:

  • Why do students have trouble remembering what we’ve taught? 
  • What makes learning stick?
  • With Google, should students memorize state capitals? Times tables? Anything?

Here's the table of contents:

Making Learning Stick

Brain Science and Memory

  1. The neuroscience of learning
  2. Not overloading working memory
  3. Understanding two very different kinds of memory

The Retrieval Effect

  1. How remembering improves remembering
  2. Using pretests to improve achievement
  3. What did you learn in school today?

Study Skills

  1. The difference between taking notes by hand and on a laptop
  2. Research-based approaches to studying
  3. How can we help students remember more?

What Should Students Memorize?

  1. Why not just Google it?
  2. Should students memorize times tables?
  3. Should students memorize poetry?

Professional Learning Suggestions