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Partnering with Families:

Selected Memo Summaries

“Teachers are the experts in pedagogy, but families are one hundred percent the experts on their children,” says Kristin Ehrgood. “We need each other.” This selection of Marshall Memo summaries explores effective parenting practices, communication between schools and homes, parent-teacher conferences, and the fraught issue of homework. 

Questions to consider:
  • What can families do at home to maximize their children’s school success?
  • What are the best ways for schools and families to communicate?
  • Why is homework so often seen as a waste of time? Is it?

Here's the table of contents:

Partnering with Families

Parenting for School Success

  1. Early-childhood practices that prepare children to thrive in school
  2. Changing the way parents talk to their children
  3. Rethinking traditional ideas about parent involvement
  4. Unpacking the research on parental involvement

Home-School Communication

  1. Teachers making home visits
  2. Getting a foot in the door with text messages to parents
  3. Dealing with very difficult parents

Parent-Teacher Conferences

  1. Improving the quality of parent-teacher conferences
  2. A conference that didn't go so well
  3. Student-led parent conferences

Homework and At-Home Activities

  1. Rethinking homework
  2. A theory about homework
  3. A Boston school boosts home reading

Professional Learning Suggestions