Carefully chosen summaries to energize leadership, teaching, and learning

Planning Units and Lessons

Macro Curriculum Planning

  1. Building a coherent curriculum
  2. The ultimate power standard: what kids will remember in forty years
  3. A California high school crafts schoolwide essential questions
  4. Capstone projects for about-to-graduate eighth graders

Unit Planning

  1. Solving lesson-planning challenges with backwards unit design
  2. Teaching so students will transfer what they learn
  3. Focusing a curriculum unit on intended outcomes
  4. Teachers as curriculum designers versus curriculum implementers

Lesson Planning

  1. Lesson plans focused on three key questions
  2. Lesson plans: suggested elements
  3. What makes an effective lesson?

Structuring Lessons So All Students Learn

  1. Beginning and ending lessons effectively
  2. Structuring lessons so students engage in productive struggle
  3. Universal design for learning in action
  4. What UDL looks like in two classrooms

Professional Learning Suggestions

Planning Units and Lessons

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