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Positive Classroom Discipline:

Selected Memo Summaries

“Effective teaching and learning can take place only in a harmonious learning environment,” says Matthew Kraft in the lead-off quote for this selection of Marshall Memo summaries. Key topics include preventing discipline problems from happening in the first place, a systems approach to classroom management, specific teacher strategies, and schoolwide systems such as restorative justice. 

Questions to consider:
  • How can schools address the root causes of student misbehavior?
  • Which discipline problems can be prevented, and in what ways?
  • How can educators build the skills to effectively handle classroom discipline?

Here's the table of contents:

Positive Classroom Discipline

Heading off Discipline Problems at the Pass

  1. Predicting and preventing classroom problems
  2. Not making unreasonable behavioral demands on students
  3. When educators act in ways that increase student misbehavior
  4. The case against behavior charts

A Systems Approach to Discipline

  1. Collaborative problem solving
  2. Macro strategies for social, emotional, and behavioral issues

Discipline Tools

  1. Classroom and behavioral management 101
  2. A Massachusetts teacher on discipline lessons she's learned
  3. Dealing with nasty backtalk from a student

Schoolwide Systems, Mediation, and Restorative Justice

  1. A three-tier program for student behavior
  2. Teacher-student mediation in action
  3. Restorative justice

Professional Learning Suggestions