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Results-Focused Teacher Teams:

Selected Memo Summaries

Many schools say they have professional learning communities, but there’s far too much “PLC lite” – team discussions that don’t have much affect on teaching and learning. This selection of Marshall Memo summaries examines the research on teamwork, the powerful potential of teams analyzing common assessment results and student work, and how singleton teachers can still engage in productive teamwork. 

Questions to consider:
  • What makes some teams especially effective?
  • What are the barriers to productive teacher teamwork?
  • What is the role of principals and facilitators in teacher teams?

Here's the table of contents:

Results-Focused Teacher Teams

Research Insights on Teamwork

  1. Does a paradigm shift in medicine apply to schools?
  2. What Google learned about its most successful teams
  3. Byproducts of effective teacher teamwork
  4. Key characteristics of highly effective schools

Collaboratively Analyzing Assessments

  1. A teacher learns how to work with his colleagues
  2. Teacher leaders supporting interim data analysis
  3. Three layers of interim assessment data analysis
  4. Third-grade teachers use math interim assessments

Overcoming What Can Go Wrong

  1. Five phases of teacher reactions to interim assessments
  2. How some PLCs are going off the rails
  3. The missing piece in many PLCs
  4. How principals can orchestrate effective teamwork

Singletons and Scheduling

  1. Addressing the challenge of "lonely singleton" teachers
  2. A small school figures out PLCs
  3. Ideas for carving out time for teacher team meetings

Professional Learning Suggestions