How to energize leadership, teaching, and learning in 22 key areas

Teacher Leadership:

Selected Memo Summaries

It’s difficult for teacher leaders to be agents of positive change when their colleagues are committed to autonomy (my classroom, my castle), egalitarianism (we’re all the same here), and seniority (the best assignments go to those who’ve served longest). This selection of Marshall Memo summaries reviews barriers to teacher leadership, what happens when leadership is distributed, tips for teacher leaders, and other ways peer leaders can make a difference. 

Questions to consider:
  • What are the inherent challenges of being a teacher leader?
  • Can teacher leaders be trusted by colleagues and a force for school improvement?
  • What does successful teacher leadership look like?

Here's the table of contents:

Teacher Leadership

Addressing the Barriers to Teacher Leadership

  1. Dealing with headwinds
  2. Core dilemmas in the teacher leader role
  3. Dealing with the "culture of nice"

Distributing Leadership

  1. Fostering a leadership mindset in teachers
  2. How to implement distributed instructional leadership
  3. Four roles for science teacher leaders

Tips for Teacher Leaders

  1. How to spot a blossoming teacher leader
  2. A more-ambitious agenda for teacher leaders
  3. Practical tips for teacher leaders

Other Pathways for Teacher Leadership

  1. Lead teachers onboarding and mentoring rookies
  2. Teachers evaluating teachers
  3. A career ladder proposal
  4. Some suggestions for teachers speaking truth to power

Professional Learning Suggestions